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Weapons are a very important part in surviving the dangerous world of Frozen State.
Luckily Frozen State offers a great variety of weapons/weapontypes.

There are four main weapontypes:

  • Melee Weapons
  • Firearm Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Tech Weapons

Melee Weapons are used for closecombat. This weapontype is the most common but also the most dangerous one. When attacking enemies the player needs to be prepared to lose health and get negative buffs. Hunting with Melee Weapons is quite difficult due to the facts that many of these weapons do not kill with one hit and animals run faster than the player since animals will not lose stamina. Melee Weapons include Tools, Knifes and Axes. The player can find this type almost everywhere and at npcs.

Lootable Melee Weapons

Craftable Melee Weapons

The player is able to upgrade and repair Melee Weapons at a workbench. Both have a certain percentage of breaking the weapon usually around 10%-30%. This number will increase with the amount of repairs. Items for Repair: Sharpening Stone. Items for Upgrade in damage and accuracy: Level-1/ 2x Melee Upgrade Kit; Level-2/ 3x Melee Upgrade Kit.

//Note: Axes can be also be used to chop wood.

Many of the Firearm Weapons are from the 2nd World War. Firearm Weapons can be separated into Handguns, Submachineguns and Rifles. Guns are uncommonly located in every lootable storage. The most common location for a gun is a kitchen. Humanoid npcs will also carry them around probably along with some ammunition. This type is very effective against enemies both Humans and Infected because of the range the player can take to avoid direct contact. Since Firearm Weapons are dependent of ammunition it is recommended to use them only in need.

Lootable Firearm Weapons



Craftable Firearm Weapons

Firearm Weapons can be upgraded and repaired as well. Guns have the same behavior as Melee Weapons in this regard. Items for Repair: Weapon Parts. Items for Upgrade in damage, range and accuracy: Level1 2x Guns Upgrade Kit; Level2 3x Guns Upgrade Kit.


  • 9mm
  • 7.65
  • 7.62
  • 12mm Gauge
  • 357 Magnum

//Note: Guns are dangerous at a chase when aiming away from upcoming enemies and then back at the chaser because of the low speed of turning around a gun.

The grenade - as the most common representative for explosives - can be still found less common than the Firearm- and Meleeweapons but explosives regulary make greater damage. They are rarely placed in houses and their most common location is also a kitchen. Just as rare as the grenade is the landmine.

Lootable Explosives

Craftable Explosives

//Note: It will take 2 grenades to take down a piercer.

Hard to tell something about them since thery are very rare. The player can find ammunition for these guns. The ammunitions seems to be some kind of batteries which indicates that these weapons are some sort of blasterrifles. The skilltree tells they´re Plasma- and Laserrifles.

All statements are supported by my experience in this game. If you want to add something or correct me feel free to do so.

--Lynch583 (talk) 20:07, 13 July 2016 (UTC)

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